Repair broken hinges of a laptop screen

 laptop hinge repair for HP Pavilion DV7-6163

Repair a Broken Laptop Hinges

Today I opened my laptop and I was surprised to see that the screen was little loose and was not stable. I closed the laptop and opened again and saw the hinges were broken. This problem is common now in all laptops.

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What will be the cost to repair the broken hinges?

The cost of broken hinges repair is maximum 1200 Rs only and it could be reduced based on the condition.
We replace the broken hinges and repair the panel because new panel cost will be very high and mostly customers could not afford this cost. We first try to fix the panel and replace in the rarest of rare case.

Watch Video : How to replace a broken laptop hinges

What instructions we have follow to fix a broken laptop hinges?

My laptop screen cover has been cracked and the hinges have also been cracked. What will be the cost to repair the hinges and top panel?
A cracked laptop with broken hinges could be use because it can harm the screen also so be careful when use the laptop which hinges are broken. I shall give the advice that we should use the laptop without repairing them first.

What is cost to repair broken hinges of my Dell laptop?

Suraj computers charge very minimal to repair the hinges. We first check what is exact part broken. There are three four things which can damage in this case

1) One Hinge or both hinges broken
2) Base panel where screws bind the hinges broken
3) Only laptop panel where screen abide is cracked

What are the challenges to fix a loose laptop screen arm

My laptop left hand side hinges broken can you repair the broken laptop hinges. My laptop has fallen down from the good height and hinges and screen cover of laptop have broken shall these hinges and screen cover be repaired or I need to replace both? I am feeling very nervous because my laptop is not working and even I am not able to open laptop because screen of laptop has also detached from laptop body cover.
What will the cost of hinges and what will be the cost to replace them? Give me any rough idea to replace my laptop hinges.

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