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Fan is a most important part of the laptop and if it is not working and you have noticed this problem than we would like to suggest you to immediately repair or replace your laptop fan.

Non working fan could harm your laptop from running to died condition. Fan cools the processor so only laptop works fast.
One time a customer ignore the fan issue who was making noise and not working properly then his laptop heated very high and laptop brunt some smoke came out from the laptop.

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Clean the dust from laptop fan without any help

Dell laptop fan repair in Delhi NCR

I have one dell vostro laptop in which some noise is coming from the fan. Could I service of my laptop fan from myself? Is it possible for me without any technician?

Yes you can service your laptop fan using the below points and you can do.

1. Open the laptop and dissemble the fan from motherboard very carefully.
2. Clean the blades of fan and remove the dust surrounding the blades.
3. You can use the video of laptop fan repair to do all these activities
4. We have to clean the laptop fan in every three months or max in 6 months if you are living in any dirty city like Delhi NCR
5. You can replace the fan also if it is broken
6. Replace the new fan and check whether it is original or not
7. The cost of the new fan is 600 Rs. Maximum
8. Purchase the laptop fan with min 6 months of warranty

Laptop Fan repair service in Delhi

My laptop fan is not working, I have dell laptop in which fan is not running what will be impact of my dead laptop or means laptop fan is not working properly? I would like tell you the biggest problem of the laptop fan is that if fan is not running your laptop could be burn or any ic of laptop motherboard could be burned .
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So if there is any problem in laptop pls call to laptop expert and repair your fan. If it is not in the condition to repair the laptop fan than replace immediately without any delay. If you are thinking that it will be work automatically than you are thinking wrong because laptop fan jam due to dust inside the laptop you need to clean all the dust inserted inside fan. If your fan sound is coming differently and you feel fan is making sound than repair laptop fan.
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