Repair AC Power Adapter & DC Jack replacement

 laptop hinge repair for HP Pavilion DV7-6163

Laptop power supply repair

How to Fix Laptop not powering on, good battery, power adapter and power jack?

The most common problem in laptop adapter we feel that user connect the AC power adapter with laptop but it does not charge the battery. So many customers come on our service centre to repair the adapter of the laptop in that case.
The second most common issue is broken power cord: users want of replace the broken power cord of the adapter. We replace the power cord in just 200 Rs. Only.
Died laptop battery also create the problem and the battery problem shows that it is a problem in charger. When battery of a laptop goes died in that case it will show the error that battery is not charging but in that case mostly the adapter is OK and it can be charged other laptop batteries.

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How to repair a AC adapter power supply plug?

How to repair or fix AC adapter on your laptop?

Laptop adapter is used to charge the laptop battery and if your laptop charger is not charging the battery and your laptop is not starting means it is not going on than some people think that his or her laptop has been died but originally that problem comes due to the faulty laptop adapter and you need to repair or replace the laptop adapter or charger.

Fix and Repair Faulty Laptop Power Cord

For checking that your laptop adapter is OK or not we need to check how many voltage it is giving and it is not making proper voltage than that is problem in adapter circuit and we need to replace the adapter with new one.

How To Fix A Broken Laptop Charger "Adapter" HP-Lenovo- Dell -Asus - Sony Vaio - Acer - Samsung

We will give advice to you please replace the charger to original one only because if you will purchase the compatible charger it could harm your laptop and it could be cause of laptop motherboard problem. So be careful to purchase the laptop charger. We have all. Branded laptop adapter like below: HP laptop adapter, Dell laptop adapter Toshiba, Samsung, Sony , Acer , Asus ,Lenovo and hcl laptop adapter.

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